Japan: BP Target Network & Castrol Carbon Neutral Engine Oil Launch

Japan: BP Target Network & Castrol Carbon Neutral Engine Oil Launch

Across Castrol Japan’s most popular Edge and Magnatec range, it has offset all the emissions from the product lifecycle, including manufacturing, packaging, transport and use of the products, giving customers another great reason to choose Castrol.

Charles Postles, N Asia Sales Director said, “This initiative gives us a real leadership position at a time when our customers are starting to think about how they can contribute towards the issue of climate challenge. Japan has an increasingly progressive attitude towards sustainability, with businesses and consumers recognizing the benefits of collective action. Choosing a carbon neutral Castrol product has the immediate benefit of helping customers reduce emissions”.

Through the purchase of carbon credits sourced from the carbon reduction projects around the world, the total emissions for the products have been offset, working with BP Target Neutral.

Around the world, carbon reduction projects are benefitting from this investment. For instance, a small hydropower project in south western China which is bringing 24 hours clean power to rural communities or a forest protection project in Zambia that is helping to preserve around 40,000 hectares of endangered forest. Castrol Japan aims to offset about 12,023 tons CO2equivalent by adopting the carbon neutral products in the personal car range. PWKD12042018

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