UAE: YouGov Research Reveals Adnoc New Fueling Choices Satisfy Customers

UAE: YouGov Research Reveals Adnoc New Fueling Choices Satisfy Customers

YouGov has undertaken research which reveals that 87% of customers in Abu Dhabi are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with new fueling choices offered by ADNOC Distribution.

As part of ADNOC Flex last month, the company began offering the choice of a Premium Service or a Self-Serve option to fuel customers at 40 Abu Dhabi fuel service stations. Till date, there have been more than 1.4 million transactions undertaken. 93% of surveyed customers who had tried either the Premium Service or Self-Serve option indicated that they would recommend the fueling options to others.

Sultan Salem Al Jenaibi, ADNOC Distribution’s Vice President for Retail Sales in Abu Dhabi, said, “These positive results from YouGov are encouraging, and reflect the feedback we have received from ADNOC Distribution customers at our fuel service stations since the free invitation period for Premium was launched at 40 stations in April. Our station attendants will continue to support customers as they adjust to the new fueling choices available to them, and we are continuously looking for ways to further improve customer service.”

The main drivers of satisfaction, according to the respondents to the YouGov survey, were the quality of the service provided (30%) and convenience in refueling and payment (24%).

Taking into account Ramadan and Eid and to allow fuel customers around the UAE to try the Premium Service and Self-Serve options before deciding which choice best suits them, ADNOC Distribution has announced that is extending the free invitation period for ADNOC Flex.

The Premium Service, when rolled out fully, will include enhanced level of service by an attendant; a new rewards program; discounts at ADNOC Distribution’s convenience stores and car wash and exclusive promotions from big-brand partners.

Enabling customers to pay for fuel without using a credit card or cash, after being topped up online, ADNOC Distribution is currently giving away free Smart Tags, for a limited time. “Fitting a Smart Tag to your vehicle is the easiest and quickest way to refuel and pay at ADNOC Distribution fuel service stations. Customers will always be able to use cash or card if they prefer but a Smart Tag will make the experience of filling up much easier,” said Sultan Salem Al Jenaibi. PWKD15052018

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