Belgium: Shell 1st LNG Station Launch

Belgium: Shell 1st LNG Station Launch

Located at a crucial spot, the LNG station focuses on trucks

Shell has rolled out its first Belgian LNG (liquefied natural gas) station in Herstal which focuses on trucks. Located near the three-country point at the E313, it is an important route for international road transport. With a capacity of 3.5 kt LNG, it can provide 150 lorries with LNG every day.

Laurent Charlot, Commercial Director, Belgian Shell, said "LNG fuel is an important option for transport companies. Shell strives to get stronger from the energy transition and LNG will play an increasingly important role in the energy mix. We expect the demand for LNG to grow and we continue to work with truck manufacturers, customers and policy makers to promote the use of LNG as cleaner-burning and cheaper transport fuel. The station in Herstal is an important step in the further expansion of our network of LNG stations in Europe."

With the increasing demand for energy and the growing need to limit transport emissions, we are faced with the challenge of making transport both more efficient and cleaner," said Marie Christine Marghem, Federal Minister for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.

For road transport, Shell expects that a mosaic of fuels and engines will develop and considers that LNG will play an important role for heavy road transport. Since LNG offers advantages from a financial and environmental point of view compared to conventional diesel, Road transport companies are increasingly opting for LNG. Less sulfur, soot particles and nitrogen oxide is produced by LNG, in addition to having a cleaner combustion than diesel. Moreover, it contributes to reduced noise pollution and can help reduce CO2 emissions.

With 7 LNG stations in the Netherlands, Shell plans to open further LNG stations in Europe over the next 12 months. PWKD01062018

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