Qatar: WOQOD Increases Non-Qatari Ownership To 49%

Qatar: WOQOD Increases Non-Qatari Ownership To 49%

The amendment have been made to increase the investment attractiveness of Qatari companies

Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) has brought about amendments in the company’s Articles of Associations to raise the non-Qatari ownership to 49% of the company share capital and the limits of single shareholder ownership to 1%.

The amendment came in order to give effect to the ‎instructions of Qatar Petroleum to its listed affiliate companies. It was also to take up the request of ‎Qatar Stock Exchange to enhance the ‎investment attractiveness of Qatari companies, after MSCI and a number of international indexing agencies raised the classification of the State of Qatar, to the level of emerging markets, thus ‎becoming the largest emerging market in the region. ‎PWKD12062018

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