England UK: Greenergy Expands Fuel Supply Business

England UK: Greenergy Expands Fuel Supply Business

Greenergy has made an investment in another new rail-to-road fuel supply terminal, which will be located in Johnstown, eastern Ontario.

By offering competitive pricing and high levels of supply reliability to customers in an area of growing demand, Greenergy will be enabled to further expand its fuel supply business in Canada.

Allowing road vehicles to load fuel products directly from rail tank cars through conventional terminal truck loading racks, the new terminal delivers best in class gate-to-gate times. It is designed with safety in mind and features a new fully-automated truck loading system.

Mike Healey, Greenergy Fuels Canada’s Chief Executive Officer said, “By investing in new supply facilities close to the end-customer, we are changing the way that fuel is supplied to the market. Our facilities create additional capacity where it is needed, providing safe and efficient fuel supply to customers.” PWKD11072018

Last modified onMonday, 27 August 2018 11:31
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