Philippines: DOE Scrutinizes 400 plus Fuel Service Stations

Philippines: DOE Scrutinizes 400 plus Fuel Service Stations

The audit is to ensure stations adhere to safety and security standards

The Department of Energy (DOE), with the goal to ensure that local fuel products abide by safety, quality and quantity standards, has reviewed a total of 442 fuel players across 30 towns in the province.

The “Focused Inspection” (FI) was headed by the DOE’s Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB) – Retail Market Monitoring and Special Concerns Division in cooperation with partner offices and national agencies.

The DOE, with the help of FI, guarantees that fuel products, such as liquid fuels and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) being sold in the market are in accordance with international and national standards on quality and quantity, and takes an integrated approach to monitor Liquid Fuel Retail Outlets /Fuel Stations and LPG establishments, with an intensive information dissemination component.

As per inspection findings, 198 fuel stations have violated the “Revised Retail Rules,” while 156 LPG establishments have breached “LPG Industry Rules.” A common fuel station violation is operating without a Certificate of Compliance.

On the other hand, for LPG retailers, offenses include operating without a Standards Compliance Certificate, selling cylinders that are non-compliant with Philippine National Standards, as well as a few cases of under filling.

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi, said, “The DOE stringently monitors businesses to ensure that our people are not short-changed on the fuel products they purchase. This is very important because people pay with their hard earned money.”

Secretary Cusi also pointed out that they empower consumers by upholding right quantity and quality fuel products, while strengthening their collaboration with industry stakeholders for proper guidance on running an energy business. Source: PIA PWKD17072018

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