Canada: Petro-Canada New Marketing Campaign “Live by the Leaf” Launch

Canada: Petro-Canada New Marketing Campaign “Live by the Leaf” Launch

Petro-Canada, has launched its latest brand campaign, calling upon Canadians to “Live by the Leaf” and to be “Fièrement d’ici” (“Proudly from here”).

Across the country, customers will see new branding at Petro-Canada stations, besides a new TV and online advertising campaign and in social media. “Live by the Leaf”/”Fièrement d’ici” will focus on real people, telling real life stories of – customers, associates, partners and employees alike.

Kris Smith, executive vice president, Downstream, said, ‘Live by the Leaf’ and ‘Fièrement d’ici’ reflect our deep commitment to and love of this country. It brings to life our purpose of championing the Canadian spirit and moving people toward what matters most to them.”

Research reveal that Canadians are increasingly making more conscious decisions about the brands they support, giving consideration to what a company really stands for when they make their purchase decisions, and hence brand strategy and corresponding creative campaign have been based on this.

Smith said that ’Live by the Leaf’ and ‘Fièrement d’ici’ are more than their tag lines; they are their rallying cry with Canadians, one which will reinforce their marketing and communications efforts for years to come. “We want to demonstrate to Canadians that we share more than a country, we share a way of life.” PWKD08082018

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