USA: EncounterCare Solutions Envisages Major Expansion

The company expects adding 25 branded stations in N. America by end 2018 along with other shipment plans

EncounterCare Solutions has commenced shipping fuel in Michigan and expects major expansion in Michigan, Ohio, and Montreal, Canada during the months of August and September, with fuel shipments expected to continue to increase significantly in all of CyberFuels fuel and additive products in September. During the next 2 quarters, CyberFuels expects adding 25 branded CyberFuels stations in North America, with the first of these 25 stations expected to open in Florida and the second in Montreal, Canada, both in September. Through its partnership with RLT of Canada, CyberFuels anticipates adding an additional 12 independent fuel stations in the greater Montreal area during the month of August for all of the CyberFuels family of products.

The first test shipment of EcoFlex96 fuel to Ghana has been completed by CyberFuels. During the present quarter, the company expects to receive expanded orders from Ghana as well as Russia and provision for shipping these larger shipments are being completed with current trading partners. The company feels that the fundamental outlook of the company will be changed by the addition of these new larger international orders, along with the new business from the branded stations in the US and Montreal. During the current quarter, CyberFuels expects to be cash positive and further expects significant growth in all segments of its business. PWKD13082018

Last modified onMonday, 27 August 2018 11:25
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