Paraguay: Petropar Fuel Service Station Expansion In Villarrica

Paraguay: Petropar Fuel Service Station Expansion In Villarrica

Petropar continues to expand its customer base.

Petróleos Paraguayos has recently opened a fuel service station in Villarrica, Guairá. It is located on Route 8 Blas Garay and Boulevard Rio Pirapo. Petropar claims that the new station has all qualifications of a modern service station as the fuel supplied is economical as well as qualitative. Likewise, they indicated that this supply point will have Ñande Gas, the newest offer of energy supply for domestic use.

"With competitive fuel price, Petropar will expand its customer base, within its 2017 commercial expansion program, in a strategic alliance with the private sector, aiming to reach December with 120 fuel service stations in strategic points of the Republic, 60 more than what was achieved in 2016, "the report said.

Petropar claims that the authorized work has a "state-of-the-art electromechanical where consumers can load in their fuel tanks of absolute quality, which make the difference in the performance of the vehicle." Source: La Nacion PWKD27022017


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