Ecuador: EP Petroecuador Marine Fuel Development for Fishing Industry

Ecuador: EP Petroecuador Marine Fuel Development for Fishing Industry

Marine fuel development will benefit about 7,000 fishermen

EP Petroecuador is developing marine fuel facilities in Puerto Jely. This development is to benefit an estimated 7,000 fishermen in the region of El Ora.

An event was held to mark this, in the presence of Minister of Hydrocarbons, José Icaza. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were the Governor of the province, Rocío Barriga, The manager of National Commercialization of EP Petroecuador, Roberto Lara, The president of the Network of Cooperatives and Associations of Artisanal Fisheries of the province of El Oro, Fabricio Carriel, The president of the Provincial Union of Artisan Fishing Organizations of the province of El Oro (UOPAO), Tomás Cruz. Roberto Lara, National Marketing Manager of EP Petroecuador said, "We are pleased to put at your disposal the commercialization of Artisanal Fishing fuel and to continue to serve them in a better way with quality and warmth."

The Marine Fuel Service Station with storage has a current storage capacity of 12,100 gallons of diesel and 5,500 gallons for artisanal fishing fuel and the cost stands at $ 0.925 cents a gallon. PWKD07032017



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