Paraguay: Petropar Launches "Nande Gas Mobile"

Paraguay: Petropar Launches "Nande Gas Mobile"

Event termed unforgettable moment as Petropar approaches people

The president of Petropar, Eddie Jara recently launched "Nande Gas Mobile" of Petropar, an endeavor to make mobile gas available to people in their neighborhood. The launch was termed by the President as a "historic event, an unforgettable moment, as Petropar is approaching people.” 

A small truck, equipped with modern and safe equipment allows Petropar to move to different zones, with the objective of being more and more close to people with LPG, for home use to 5,000 guaraníes a kilo. 

An outstanding aspect of this marketing system is that it has the guarantee of the strategic commercial alliance with the private sector, in which the entrepreneurs acquire the mobiles and the equipment, while Petropar delivers the product to them. A third factor, high valuation, is that people save buying, because the bottle of 10 kilos can be filled with G. 50,000. 

Oscar Stark, the Deputy Minister of Commerce, congratulated Petropar for having completed the mobile sale, which generates competition in the market, always to the benefit of consumers.

Having already launched this innovative business unit, Petropar will focus all efforts on expanding the service to the largest number of neighborhoods in the Metropolitan and Inner regions. PWKD11042017



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