Venezuela: PDVSA Ensures Fuel Supply During Easter

Venezuela: PDVSA Ensures Fuel Supply During Easter

Necessary measures taken by PDVSA  to ensure supply of fuel was uninterrupted

The supply of fuel throughout the country during the Holy Week holiday has been guaranteed by Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), as well as the availability of derivatives to cover domestic market demand. 

Ysmel Serrano, vice president of Commerce and Supply of the state-owned company said that the national distribution network has optimum levels of storage in the country's 1,674 fuel service stations. This which will allow users to attend during the festivities of the week. The aim is to decongest the fuel service stations on the route to Canaima National Park. 

With the purpose of providing the best possible service in all stations of PDVSA, the workers of the National Market will attend to those who go to the Llanos apureños, the Andes, the northern coastal area and the rest of the country.

The vandalism that caused the fire of the National Market headquarters in the Camoruco Building in Valencia, Carabobo state was also referred to by Ysmel Serrano. He added that in order to defend the energy power of the country and continue to meet national and international commitments the national fuel company will continue to fulfill the distribution of fuels throughout the country, despite these attacks. PWKD14042017

Last modified onSunday, 16 April 2017 09:02
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