Review & Update of PetrolWorld Latin America

Review & Update of PetrolWorld Latin America

For the many new market players that have registered for the Latin America news section, the following is an overview and update from Sol Royo and David Egan at PetrolWorld.


Since the “PW Global News Service” was officially launched online in 2004, we have always had visitors to our website from Latin America. In fact, PetrolWorld has met with a number of different oil company fuel brands from Chile and Central America over the years, some of which travelled to Ireland to study convenience retail trends and best practice. 

By 2010, PetrolWorld noted that the National Fuel Retail markets were showing signs of becoming more international.  Whilst we made a number of business trips to Latin America, we felt it was still early to get directly involved.  By 2015, we began to work on a strategy and program of development for the region.  This was initiated in March 2016 with the announcement of our newsletter and the Latin America Business Forum.

During the first few months, we realised that the project was going to take longer than anticipated to get off the ground, so we moved the business forum event from September 2016 to September 2017.  Since then, our time and resources have been spent on developing our Latin American network of fuel industry contacts. 

Latin America Newsletter

PetrolWorld has now established an international two way communication with Latin America.   Key to this has been the development of an up to date database, reflecting the rapid changes in the sector, thanks to Sol Royo and a number of existing clients in Latin America.

Our current monthly newsletter goes directly to 417 senior executives of 87 fuel retail brands in 23 countries across Latin America.   The average click rate in the first year has been 30%, well above the industry average.

Further development of the PW Newsletter will take place in Q4 with an announcement being made at the 1st International PW Latin America Forum in Panama.

PW Latin America Forum – Panama City 19-20 Sep 2017

A number of sponsors have been secured. This will be now an exclusive quality forum for senior executives and numbers will be restricted from the end of May. The Forum will consist of Conference, Business Meetings and quality networking.  It will be the first independent international event focused on fuel retail and distribution to be held in Latin Ameirca.

Register for Forum

Register for Newsletter- right hand side of event website - link :

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