Trinidad: NGC CNG & Scotiabank Fuel Card Agreement

Trinidad: NGC CNG & Scotiabank Fuel Card Agreement

The aim is to relentlessly increase the demand for CNG as a vehicular fuel

 An agreement to provide fuel cards to vehicle owners who switch to CNG, has been signed by NGC CNG Company Limited and Scotiabank.

The aim of NGC CNG is to aggressively increase the demand for CNG as a vehicular fuel in tandem with the rapid expansion of the CNG fuel station roll out. Selected high mileage market segments e.g. taxi, maxi taxi and school bus drivers are being incentivized by NGC CNG to switch to CNG following which, they will receive an incentive of free CNG to a particular value.

Curtis Mohammed, President NGC CNG said, “This agreement represents one of the foundation elements of our programs and now that we have signed, it’s a big step towards rolling out the incentives to the hundreds of drivers who we know will switch over to CNG.”

“Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a more environmentally friendly fuel, producing less undesirable fuel in to the atmosphere. This partnership with NGC CNG is one of the ways Scotiabank is supporting its belief that every customer has the right to become better off. Through our support of this initiative we are helping customers to live in a better world, one that is less polluted and more environmentally conscious. Scotiabank remains deeply committed to playing a role in the shift towards a greener future.” said Anya M. Schnoor – Senior Vice President and Head, Caribbean South and East, Scotiabank.

Taxi drivers, Maxi taxi drivers and School bus drivers are currently provided incentives by NGC CNG who convert their diesel or fuel powered vehicles to CNG.

Up to 15,000 fleet fuel cards are expected to be issued by NGC CNG over the next 2 years as well as have 30 CNG supply points available by the end of 2018. PWKD04072017

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