Paraguay: Petropar Expansion To Continue

Paraguay: Petropar Expansion To Continue

Petropar expansion continues with plans for a new flagship site costing Paraguay Guarani (PYG) 4 billion

 PetróleosParaguayos (Petropar) proposes to open another flagship fuel retail service station which will cost an approximately PYG. 4 billion, and will be one of the most modern fuel service stations in Paraguay. Eddie Jara, president of Petropar said, "This investment is part of the expansion that we have from the entity in order to reach the people with more competitive prices."

The new service station will have at least one fuel outlet for domestic use that is in great demand from consumers. 68 fuel stations are currently owned by the state entity between its own and with operators. The company hopes to have a total of 120 service centers by the end of the year.  In almost a year, Petropar, managed to position itself in the LPG market and currently has 10% of the Paraguayan LPG market. Source: La Nacion PWKD31072017

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