Argentina: YPF Offers Country’s First Electric Charging Station

Argentina: YPF Offers Country’s First Electric Charging Station

The project will cost 13 million dollars


The nation’s first electric vehicle charging station for charging electric vehicles was installed by YPF at Buenos Aires, making it the first for the nation. By the end of the year, another 20 are planned for eight stations.

YPF, in alliance with the international group ABB and QEV Argentina, projects for the first phase of the plan, an estimated 200 charging dispensers in 110 service stations in its network throughout the country.

The company becomes the first fuel company in Argentina to take the necessary initiatives to meet the future demand of electric vehicles in the market.

QEV Argentina in association with the group ABB (ASEA Brown Broveri) is in charge of the installation and will cost 13 million dollars.

There is a worldwide interest in the use of electric energy as a means of locomotion. YPF hopes to lead the nation towards achievement of this goal. PWKD07082017

Last modified onSunday, 06 August 2017 16:08
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