Mexico: Andeavor’s First ARCO Fuel Service Station Launch

Mexico: Andeavor’s First ARCO Fuel Service Station Launch

Andeavor has officially begun its operations with the introduction of the first ARCO station

The authorized operations of Andeavor has kicked off in the country with the opening of the first ARCO fuel service station. Wholesale marketing agreement has been signed between Andeavor and Profesional Fuels Solutions, S.A. de C.V. (ProFuels) and have also laid down plans to enhance the ARCO brand to achieve a leading market position in the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California.

Greg Goff, Chairman, President and CEO of Andeavor said, "We are excited to have officially introduced the ARCO brand in Mexico. Opening our first ARCO fuel service station in Northwest Mexico is a natural and strategic link for our West Coast operations and integrated value chain, furthering our marketing integration in a growing market."

An estimated 200 to 400 ARCO fuel service stations are expected to grow over the next several years, with this first station marking the beginning of growth. Through supply contracts with independent owners and operators of existing and new fuel stations that are interested in marketing fuel under the ARCO brand, ProFuels intends to develop the ARCO brand.

"We're incredibly excited to open the first ARCO fuel service station in Mexico. Mexican consumers are interested in having high-quality fueling options and we believe that ARCO is the brand best suited to deliver on that consumer value proposition. The ARCO brand is known for its high-quality TOP TIER(TM) fuel offering, which aligns perfectly with our operation and service culture that provides consumers with a superior filling experience," said Luis Enrique Rodriguez, President of ProFuels. PWKD01092017

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