Brazil: Mobil ‘Super Synthetic 0W20’ Lubricant Launch

Brazil: Mobil ‘Super Synthetic 0W20’ Lubricant Launch

The product meets and exceeds the most demanding technical standards in the automotive industry with API SN certification

Mobil has come out with the latest offering Mobil Super Synthetic 0W20, with the aim to expand its portfolio of synthetic products. The new product distinguishes itself by combining state-of-the-art technology, low viscosity, long durability and maximum engine performance.

Protecting against wear caused by the buildup of deposits and leaks, the Super Synthetic Mobil 0W20 is a balanced formulation lubricant that provides exceptional cleanliness for the most important parts of the engine. It also leads the dealers and consumers to the foremost position in lubrication technology, due to the traditional efficiency of the Mobil Super Synthetic line.

Priscilla Rezende, brand marketing manager said, "The new Mobil Super Synthetic 0W20 is a lubricant that meets the most recent viscosity demanded by the automotive industry in Brazil. It was specially developed to protect the most modern engines of the Brazilian fleet, designed by the automakers to work, increasingly, due to the reduction of fuel consumption.” PWKD07092017

Last modified onWednesday, 06 September 2017 15:59
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