Argentina: YPF New Integral Distribution Center Launch

Argentina: YPF New Integral Distribution Center Launch

This new YPF Direct, the first in the Salto city, offers all services and a wide range of products.

YPF opened a new distribution center offering all services and a wide range of products such as phytosanitary products, fertilizers, lubricants, bags for silo and fuel was opened to the public where local producers can obtain the necessary inputs for the optimum production of the field.

This was done to extend the network of agricultural solutions to all the agricultural regions of the country.

The base has an area of 2 hectares, with 300 square meters in storage tanks for fertilizers, phytosanitary and lubricants, with 2 tanks to store 200 cubic meters of Ultradiésel and 1 tank to store 100 cubic meters of Infinia Diesel.

Marcos Capdepont, YPF's Agro business manager, commented in his inaugural speech the importance of the company's closeness to the producer, accompanying it "in an efficient way, with personalized advice and high quality products."

YPF's integrated sales channel for the agricultural sector has 104 distribution centers throughout the nation. The work teams that are in each center are integrated by agronomists who advise the producers to achieve a better performance. PWKD09102017

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