Mexico: BP Jalisco Fuel Service Stations Commence Operations

Mexico: BP Jalisco Fuel Service Stations Commence Operations

BP has inaugurated its first two fuel service stations in Jalisco, and heads the first private companies in the country to sell automotive fuel.

The CEO of Downstream BP México, Álvaro Granada said that the first fuel service station was established in Mexico City, where the corporation has 29 establishments, and will gradually change with the stations they have in operation to acquire their own identity. "There will be a mix. In principle the majority of the points that BP will operate will be points where there was a Pemex franchise before, although we will also open new service stations."

Álvaro Granada also said that corporate fuel service stations are distinguished by their customer service. "The service is always attentive, the staff is rigorously trained, and we have started our expansion project; the expectation is to close the year with around 10 stations in Jalisco, and finish within five years driving 15 percent of the fuel service stations in the country; and we expect to close the year with approximately 80 or 100 fuel service stations throughout Mexico."

Mexican consumers will be able to purchase fuel of the company's own brand:  BP Premium and BP Regular with Active technology. “Use of the product regularly, helps protect the engines," said Álvaro.

BP fuel service stations have convenience stores with different chains currently, but from next year they will have establishments with BP’s own brand.

Mexican workers are employed at the BP stations in Jalisco, who have been given rigorous training which guarantees the standard of the service of excellence that is assured at all BP fuel stations worldwide. Source: El Financiero PWKD10102019

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