Paraguay: Petropar Fuel Service Station 2018 Expansion Plans

Paraguay: Petropar Fuel Service Station 2018 Expansion Plans

President of Petropar, Eddie Jara presented the budget plans of the company for the year 2018, for which an increase of approx. G. 80.983.798.006 is expected.

Services provided by the energy company to citizens, such as fuel service stations, promotion of "Nande Gas" product and lubricants, has been planned to be expanded which would bring a gross income of approximately US $ 1 to 2 million.

Petropar has, at present, 90 fuel service stations and a target of 120 for December, because currently there are more than 30 fuel service stations under construction. The company is making sure that construction of fuel service stations is where people most need them to be. “Let's understand that the main customers are residents, which have almost 18,000 cards to their credit," said Jara.

An increase in the cost of diesel was ruled out, since there was sufficient reserve that was acquired a while back. Likewise, he indicated that there would also be no variation in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

As for the product Nande Gas, it is envisaged that more stations that have this service will be enabled. "The famous Nande Gas mobile, is the vehicle that runs through the neighborhoods and cities; at the moment we have one already working a few months ago. Two more that are about to be finished, are in their last manufacturing details, and we will have a mobile room by the end of this year. For next year we will have 30 fuel service stations with the service of Nande Gas mobile, which you know, is the lowest price in the market," said Petropar's president. Source: Diputados PWKD13102017

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