Argentina: Volkswagen Awards Shell To Provide Filling In Plant With Innovative Products

Argentina: Volkswagen Awards Shell To Provide Filling In Plant With Innovative Products

After a competitive process, Shell Argentina has been awarded by Volkswagen, the prestigious automotive company to supply the first filling in plant with its innovative products and jointly develop the after-sales service in its dealers and official workshops.

The first filling in plant with its lubricants and fuels will be provided by Shell Argentina and jointly develop the after-sales business (dealers and workshops) of the Volkswagen Argentina Group, a leading company in sales within the automotive sector. The recommendation of the Shell Helix and Shell VPower brands throughout the Volkswagen product line (cars, trucks and buses) and Audi comprise the agreement.

The joint creation of a unique product on the market: the Shell Helix HX8 Professional AV 5W40 - Volkswagen lubricant is the main purpose of the award of this agreement. Both companies will be enabled by this product to be present in the marketing channels for lubricants in the Argentine market, such as Volkswagen official dealers and workshops, Shell Service Stations and Shell Official Distributors.

"We are confident that Shell will help to significantly grow the aftermarket business of the Volkswagen Group in Argentina and that this alliance will be of great value to the customers of both companies," said Juan José Salaberri, Lubricant Marketing Manager of Shell Argentina.

The experience, knowledge and technological innovation of both companies, referents in their respective markets will be united by the use and recommendation partnership between Shell and Volkswagen. The quality of the product will be enhanced by the joint work in the generation of a lubricant, bringing together the best of each brand, in addition to the excellence of the service demanded by its customers. A unique value proposition for the Argentine market is generated by this innovative alliance between two prestigious companies.

The recommendation of the new Shell V Power is included in the agreement. A renewed brand which is a product recently launched by Shell with improved formula to provide more power and greater performance. Thanks to an innovative technology called Dynaflex, Shell V-Power, allows one to enrich engine conditions and maximize fuel energy and this revolutionary technology protects the engine and removes up to 80% of the accumulated debris.

For 14 consecutive years, the Volkswagen Group has been the leader of the Argentine market, with this year leading by more than 15.5 percent of the market share. Representing Shell Lubricantes an exponential growth potential in its business, it has the highest growth rate year-over-year. Source: Surtidores PWKD27062018

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