Argentina: Strategic Alliance Between Shell And Volkswagen

Argentina: Strategic Alliance Between Shell And Volkswagen

Shell and Volkswagen entered into a commercial agreement whereby the German manufacturer will recommend the use of Shell's fuels and lubricants for its vehicles in Argentina.

After a bidding process, awarded Shell the role of strategic partner with regard to the recommendation and use of fuels and lubricants for the brands that make up Volkswagen Group Argentina.

It was in the framework of the 132 edition of the famous Rural Exhibition of Argentina, where Teófilo Lacroze, president of Shell Argentina, and Hernán Vázquez, president of Volkswagen Argentina, officially presented the alliance.

The agreement focuses on the creation and promotion of a product that did not exist in the market: the Shell Helix HX8 Professional AV 5W40 / Volkswagen lubricant, which will be present in the local market lubricants marketing channels.

In addition, the alliance promotes the German brand to recommend the use of Shell Helix and Shell VPower in cars, trucks and buses, both VW and Audi.

So far, Volkswagen had an agreement with the oil company that has the largest market share of fuel in Argentina, the state YPF.

In this case, YPF retains the recommendation for the use of its main lubrication product, Elaion, in vehicles of the Ford, Chevrolet and Porsche brands in Argentina. Source: Merca PWKD24072018

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