Mexico: Shell Has New Promo ‘The Shell Moment’

Mexico: Shell Has New Promo ‘The Shell Moment’

Consequent to the energy reform, the Mexican consumer, for the first time in 78 years, has the prospect of making a choice where to fuel.

Shell has arrived offering a comprehensive experience that involves several aspects beyond fuel.

Alberto Huicochea, Director of Service to Customers of SCPF Mexico, said, "With Shell, Mexican consumers are beginning to experience an extraordinary service and shopping experience, provided by the world's largest fuel seller and with the most knowledge on how to offer a unique and unparalleled experience. What we seek to communicate is that, when going to a service station of the Shell brand, the Mexican consumer will feel treated like a guest of honor, inviting people to come closer and live the Shell Moment".

Sergio Pérez Ettedgui, Director of Marketing and Operations at Shell Mexico, commented that the objective of the campaign is to communicate to consumers that, when they go to a Shell service station, they can make sure that they are in safe and well-lit facilities, with efficient and well-stocked convenience stores, with bathrooms clean and functional and, above all, that will be served by true Service Specialists, who will provide personalized attention and can advise on the best fuels and lubricants for your vehicle.

Shell V - Power, Shell 's premium fuel, as well as Shell Super regular and Pennzoil lubricant are the range of products that consumers can enjoy at a Shell fuel service station. Helping each vehicle reach its full potential, these scientifically formulated fuels and lubricants actively clean the engine and protect its essential parts.

Turi Tollesson, Creative General Director of SCPF Mexico said, "For us it was important to make attractive again a category that for many years remained without much novelty in this market. And the Shell Moment is the starting point of a series of novelties that the brand will be communicating in the coming months ". Source: Multipress PWKD24092018

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