USA: Reduced Emission Program GreenPrint & Pride Stores Partnership

The venture is to launch reduced emission program in Chicago

Creator of Reduced Emissions Programs, GreenPrint, has announced expansion into Chicagoland through a partnership with The PRIDE Stores. This is following successes with similar programs. A reduced emissions program across every PRIDE Stores located in and around Chicago will be launched by the companies.

Purpose, the turnkey sustainability plan, decreases consumers' tailpipe emissions through GreenPrint's exclusive platform that invests in local, regional, and global certified carbon reduction projects in addition to planting trees with The Arbor Day Foundation to isolate carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. 

Mario Spina, CEO of The PRIDE Stores said, "Being the first, and exclusive, partner in Chicago to have such an impactful program is a strong competitive differentiator for us and is something we are excited about. This program will deliver a positive impact on our local communities, while building goodwill and loyalty at all 12 of our PRIDE Stores. Our goal is to continue to be forward thinkers and provide our customers with a wonderful experience not only inside our Convenience Stores and Restaurant Offerings but also at our Fuel Islands, and we believe that this program will help us continue in achieving that goal."

"We are thrilled to work with thought leaders like Mario and The PRIDE Stores on a program to benefit the environment, set them apart from competitors, and create a unique connection with their customers. Across clients we've measured consumers' positive response with new and existing customers while building loyalty and goodwill, improving our client's Net Promoter Score, and increasing in-store traffic and volume. We look forward to bringing the same Purpose driven results to The PRIDE Stores," said Pete Davis, Founder and CEO of GreenPrint.

The Purpose program requires no new vehicles, software, hardware, or equipment that would require an expense or installation, unlike other clean transportation offerings. By easily purchasing the same high-quality fuel that consumers have always pumped at the Pride Stores, they can now reduce their emissions. The heavy lifting of automatically calculating tailpipe emissions will be done by the Purpose program and invest in carbon projects to reduce those emissions in the atmosphere by up to 25%. PWKD10052017

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