USA: Clean Energy & DART Multi Year Fuel Agreements

USA: Clean Energy & DART Multi Year Fuel Agreements

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), one of the country’s largest transit agencies to move away from diesel to natural gas, has decided to extend Clean Energy’s operation and maintenance contract for an extra four years.


DART’s four compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities supporting 537 buses and 123 shuttles and para transit vehicles are serviced by Clean Energy.

The purchase of an additional 65 CNG buses has been approved by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LAMTA), expanding on an earlier purchase for a total of 360 new CNG buses. The LNG fueling contract with Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit has also been extended.

Operations and maintenance agreements with National Park Service Grand Canyon and Kings County Area Public Transit have been signed. Three large United States Postal Service (USPS) carriers have been added to Clean Energy’s customer list in the heavy duty trucking market. A contract to design and build a new station for Patriot Waste, was awarded to Clean Energy, in the refuse sector.

An estimated 2.25 million GGEs per year represent the fueling contracts and maintenance agreements. PWKD07082017

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