USA: Flyers Energy Sells 39 Fuel Service Stations To Andeavor

USA: Flyers Energy Sells 39 Fuel Service Stations To Andeavor

Flyers Energy is no longer in retail business currently as it focuses on other areas of development


39 Flyers-owned convenience store-fuel service station locations have been sold to newly renamed Andeavor by Flyers Energy. Some of the newly purchased Flyers locations will be rebranded by Andeavor to Mobil, Exxon, ARCO and Shell. The buyer is allowed up to 12 months to rename the newly acquired stations as per the agreement.

Flyers Energy is out of the retail business at present. Flyers managing partner, Walt Dwelle said “Refiners are looking for strategies to distribute their products, so the business climate was right for us to sell our retail stores. We continue to grow in commercial products, including renewable energy, and are still acquiring other companies when the deal is right. Those future acquisitions may include companies with retail stores.”

With the help of an exclusive deal with ExxonMobil, and through a series of acquisitions of fuel distributors, Flyers Energy expects to increase their volume of lubricants sold from one million gallons in 2010 to nearly 19 million gallons next year. Source: Auburn Journal PWKD11082017

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