USA: Excentus’ Fuel Rewards Program Grow To 10 Million Members

USA: Excentus’ Fuel Rewards Program Grow To 10 Million Members

The company has made the achievement when survey data shows declining growth rates in loyalty program membership

Provider of loyalty technology and marketing solutions to national and regional brands, Excentus, marks the achievement of two major milestones - growing its Fuel Rewards loyalty program to 10 million members and helping U.S. consumers save more than $1 billion on the cost of fuel.

Loyalty survey data published recently, from Colloquy, sets that membership in U.S. loyalty programs increased by just 15% in 2016. Only 46% show active participation of the 3.8 billion individual loyalty program memberships identified in the U.S. The Fuel Rewards program has, however, seen consumer membership and engagement rise since 2012. The company’s achievements are in contrast with the survey data.

“Our unique save-on-fuel currency that gives consumers the ability to earn rewards from their everyday purchases is the cornerstone of our company story and its continued growth. For the retailers and brands who participate in our program, continuous engagement from our millions of members proves the value and power of fuel savings to change customer behaviors and drive customer retention,” said Brandon Logsdon, President and CEO of Excentus. Source: FMN PWKD23082017 

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