USA: Piedmont Natural Gas Unveils New CNG Station

USA: Piedmont Natural Gas Unveils New CNG Station

The new outlet is a mark of the rising demand for compressed natural gas

A new natural gas refueling station has been opened by Piedmont Natural Gas, adding to its network of public compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations, a sign of growing demand as more companies are choosing to convert their commercial fleets to clean, affordable natural gas.

"Piedmont has a strong commitment to sustainable business practices and reducing our impact on the environment. As part of that commitment, we're doing our part to promote the use of natural gas vehicles by helping to build out a network of public refueling facilities," said Karl Newlin, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for natural gas operations for Piedmont's parent company, Duke Energy.

38 percent of Piedmont’s own fleet has been converted to run on CNG and anticipates the figure to grow, since Piedmont's conversion efforts have helped the company earn recognition as a top utility environmental champion in a survey of utility customers nationwide. PWKD04092017

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