USA: Royal Farms & ChargePoint DC Fast Chargers Partnership

USA: Royal Farms & ChargePoint DC Fast Chargers Partnership

The installation of the EV chargers is to enhance retail sales

Operator of 180 fuel service stations in the country, Royal Farms, as part of a massive pilot project, has joined forces with ChargePoint and local utilities to install DC fast chargers at 22 of its locations.

Royal Farms at present has 22 locations with chargers in the field, with most offering Level 3 DC fast chargers through ChargePoint, one location offering Level 2 chargers, and another single location with a full blown Tesla Supercharger.

Royal Farms selected ChargePoint as the primary vendor for its DC fast charging stations, after evaluating several options. What made ChargePoint stand out was its software and the control it allowed Royal Farms to have over its network of chargers. It can help station owners to understand whether or not they are truly driving the incremental sales the installations were banking on, making the data all the more important in the first set of chargers.

Owning the equipment was also an important factor for Royal Farms, and that is typically how ChargePoint operates. The “buy once and replace over time” model for charging stations is very much consistent with the ownership models for fuel and diesel equipment, which makes the preference sensible.

As EVs with 200+ miles of range become more and more common, fast charging session times will also jump from around 30 minutes for a full charge to 60 minutes for a full charge.

Royal Farms’ Fuel and Environmental Leader Tom Ruszin said that, “we end up getting more requests for EV charging than any of the other alternative fuels out there.” This is a good sign from the field about how EV charging can be a valuable tool to draw in customers that have moved away from their primary reason for visiting a service station and keep them hooked into the retail end of the business. Source: Clean Technica PWKD08092017

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