USA: ANG National CNG Network Expansion

Fontana, California, is the Newest Location in ANG’s National CNG Network

Premier distributor of alternative motor fuels, and a portfolio company within HC2 Holdings, Inc., American Natural Gas (ANG), has declared that its public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Fontana, California, is open to the public. The demand for high-performing, easily-accessible CNG fueling facilities in the trucking industry hub will be met by the station.

Drew West, Chief Executive Officer of ANG said, “Fontana and the fleets that operate here have set a precedent for CNG usage and ANG is excited by the opportunity to help fuel their future. We’re proud of this station because it demonstrates how, with an exclusive focus on CNG, we’re able to listen to drivers, problem-solve with partners, and source stronger equipment. Ultimately, we create the 100 percent reliable experience leading CNG fleets deserve.”

“Our all-star maintenance and operations team is looking forward to serving an area where fleets understand the value CNG specialists can bring. I look forward to building personal relationships with our partners in Fontana and doing whatever it takes to keep their fuel flowing and fleets on the road,” said Brent Tesla, Vice President of Operations at ANG. PWKD12092017

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