USA: Ameren Illinois CNG Fuel Service Station Expansion

USA: Ameren Illinois CNG Fuel Service Station Expansion

Alternative fuel facility and new CNG-powered vehicles demonstrate company’s commitment to innovation, environment

Ameren Illinois has launched its new compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel service station in addition to seven new trucks that run on the alternative fuel – a clear revelation of the company’s commitment to invention and environmental management.

The CNG station will fuel Ameren Illinois trucks that run on compressed natural gas as well as the CNG trailers used by Ameren Illinois for emergency response operations and system maintenance.

Reducing fuel costs by about $2 per gallon compared to diesel, Ameren Illinois vehicles, on average, fueled by compressed natural gas can drive 200-400 miles before refueling. Approximately $1,000-$2,000 per vehicle in annual fuel costs is expected to be saved by the deployment of CNG vehicles.

Investment in cleaner-burning, environmentally-friendly alternative fuel technologies, including compressed natural gas was recently increased by Ameren Illinois. Five percent of its vehicle replacement budget was earmarked by the company to investments in alternative fuel technologies, such as natural gas, biodiesel and electric.

Richard J. Mark, chairman and president of Ameren Illinois said, “At Ameren Illinois, we believe that sound environmental practices both benefit the environment and strengthen the communities we serve. By investing in CNG technology, we're reducing carbon emissions and protecting our environment. We are proud of our investment in alternative fuels, especially natural gas, which is abundant, affordable and sourced entirely from the United States." PWKD09102017

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