USA: Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches 1000 Stations

USA: Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches 1000 Stations

Tesla’s Supercharger network has marked a new milestone with 1,000 Supercharger stations worldwide.

Tesla has miles to go in order to reach its year-end goal, even though it has reached a significant milestone for what is undoubtedly the most extensive DC fast-charging network in the world.

The 1,000th Tesla Supercharger location in the world is the new Supercharger station in Franklin Park near Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, also becoming the 226th new station that Tesla brought online this year alone, which shows that they are growing the network rapidly.

Tesla’s goal is not based on stations, but on the total number of charging points, which gives the company an advantage.

The company’s strategy was changed this year when it introduced two new types of Supercharger stations with significantly higher numbers of Superchargers per station.

Popular routes have the new mega Supercharger stations with 40+ stalls, while the new ‘urban Superchargers’ with the new design are being installed within cities.

Tesla needs to install as many Superchargers in just 3 months as it did over the first 2 years of its Supercharger network deployment.

Though not impossible, it will need lots of effort. Presently, Tesla has 59 stations under construction and 27 more in the permitting phase.

Tesla can bring stations online quickly on occasion, which they demonstrated with the new Supercharger corridor going to its giant Powerpack project in Australia, which they deployed in just 2 weeks. But it’s not possible all the time and there are plenty of times projects have got stuck in the permitting or construction phases for months to even a year based on the locality. Source: Electrek PWKD11102017

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