USA: BP To Restore Amoco Retail Fuel Brand

USA: BP To Restore Amoco Retail Fuel Brand

The first Amoco-branded stations is expected to begin operations by end 2017

BP has decided to reintroduce its Amoco retail fuel brand. This will give current BP marketers more growth options in select U.S. markets and help BP boost retail fuel sales nationwide.

The Amoco brand which was last seen more than a decade ago in the U.S. will be available to BP marketers as a complementary retail offering in cities where there could be additional growth opportunities. In markets where there may already be one or more BP stations in close proximity, it will help resolve local, competitive station conflicts.

Rick Altizer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for BP Fuels North America said,  “the reintroduction of the historic Amoco brand is an exciting step forward in BP’s U.S. retail growth strategy, and it clearly demonstrates our commitment to helping our branded marketers grow their businesses.”

All of the same consumer loyalty programs as BP-branded retail sites, including BP Driver Rewards will be offered by Amoco-branded stations.

Altizer added that BP has a very strong brand presence in the U.S., and with the addition of the Amoco brand, BP has the opportunity to build further on this success and to give an important boost to the sales and marketing business in the country.

The Amoco brand still resonates with many American consumers, as found by BP consumer research, and that both it and the BP brand appeal to similar audiences. Leveraging the strengths of BP’s programs and the familiarity of the Amoco brand, the two brands will share a similar marketing strategy.

BP expects to deliver an additional $1.4 billion in earnings growth from the fuels marketing business by 2021, consistent with its global fuels marketing strategy. Strategic partnerships with Marks and Spencer in the U.K. and REWE in Germany support BP’s broader strategy of growing its differentiated and high-return fuels marketing business across the globe, in addition to the reintroduction of the Amoco brand.  PWKD12102017

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