USA: WestCAT Shifts Entire Fleet To Neste MY Renewable Diesel

USA: WestCAT Shifts Entire Fleet To Neste MY Renewable Diesel

The switch has helped reduce emissions without compromising fleet performance

A public transportation service in California, Western Contra Costa Transit Authority (WestCAT), has converted their entire fleet of 45 heavy duty buses from operating on conventional diesel to using only Neste MY Renewable Diesel(TM).

Charles Anderson, General Manager, WestCAT, said "Following the success of our three-month trial of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, we have now converted our entire diesel fleet to operate on renewable diesel."

Anderson added that they originally transitioned to Neste MY in response to their Board's interest in reducing their environmental footprint. Changing to renewable diesel allowed them to immediately reduce emissions from their entire fleet, rather than making a series of small improvements as they replace vehicles one at a time.

Significantly cleaner operation of their bus engines and a significant reduction in the maintenance needed for the emissions equipment in addition to internal engine components, has been observed by WestCAT.

"Neste is happy to have a progressive transit agency like WestCAT join the ranks of other front-runners in the quest towards more sustainable solutions. By making the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, they are committing to reducing emissions without compromising fleet performance," said Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US, Inc. PWKD15022018

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