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USA: Retailers Sue BP, Thrifty, on Lease Withdrawal

Over 40 Thrifty and ARCO retailers have filed a suit against BP and Thrifty Oil Company in California. The retailers, who are seeking $1bn in damages, claim that BP did not give adequate notice that it would not renew a master lease with Thrifty Oil. The franchisees have also sought a temporary restraining order to prevent their eviction.


USA: WAWA CEO Stoeckel to Retire - Reports

Local news outlets are reporting that Wawa CEO Howard Stoeckel (pictured) plans to retire at the end of 2012. The reports, citing unnamed industry sources, say that Stoeckel will step down mere months after the firm's first venture outside its core Mid-Atlantic market: the opening of a store near Sea World in Orlando, Florida.


USA: ARCO to Make Wayne's In0vationtv Available in 138 Locations

Fuel service station operator ARCO has signed up to have in0vationTV installed at 138 of its locations, creators Gas Station TV and fuel dispenser manufacturer Wayne have announced. ARCO will make in0vationtv available free-of-charge to its 1,400 retailers that have Wayne Ovation fuel dispensers installed, and to those who buy the dispensers in future. The deal expands GSTV's reach beyond its traditional Californian market and into other areas like Seattle, Phoenix and Las Vegas. 


USA: Roadrunner to Implement PeopleMatter’s Talent Management Program

Roadrunner Markets, a convenience store operator with 92 locations, has announced a partnership with PeopleMatter to implement the PeopleMatter Platform chain-wide. The platform aims to simplify and streamline HR processes through their LEARN, HIRE and SCHEDULE programs. PeopleMatter describe the platform as an "easy-to-use online platform that helps hire, develop, schedule and engage dependable talent." 


Canada: Gasoline Retailers Association Wants Pay-Before-You-Pump System

The Gasoline Retailers Association on Prince Edward's Island is hoping to curtail the number of people stealing gas from filling stations by introducing a pay-before-you-pump policy to customers. Prompted by a recent rise in the number of motorists attempting to leave a station without paying, the Association would have customers pay inside first before using the pumps, a measure which could allow retailers to cut them off when they have pumped what they paid for. 

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