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USA: EFS Signs Up Transport America

USA: EFS Signs Up Transport America

Electronic Funds Source (EFS) has announced that Transport America has joined its customised payment solution platform.

In a statement, EFS said that it won the contract to supply Transport America with services based on its technology and payments innovation which could provide Transport America with better visibility and control than peers. Transport America provides truckload transportation and logistics services throughout much of the US, Mexico and Canada.

Transport America Fuel Program Manager Mike Mastueller explained the reasons for selecting the company. “EFS built an upgraded terminal fuel integration and customized real-time web services enabling better efficiencies with real-time access to fueling transaction information,” he said.

The EFS solution allows Transport America to use its products and services in multiple facets with the ability to also control how they use those products to best fit business needs.  “EFS is a true partner and we rely on their industry knowledge and expertise to help guide our business decisions around payments,” remarked Transport America President and CEO Scott Arves.

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