Wayne & 7-Eleven Celebrate Ovation Installation

Wayne & 7-Eleven Celebrate Ovation Installation

 Wayne Fueling Systems joins 7-Eleven in inviting the Central Texas community to a commemoration event in Round Rock on April 2, 2015.

The occasion at the 7-Eleven store at 2801 La Frontera Boulevard will celebrate the recent installation of Wayne Ovation
TM2 Fuel Dispensers. A fuel discount and in-store specials will be part of the day’s activities.  The 7-Eleven food store and servcie station is located less than 2 miles from Wayne’s corporate headquarters and is considered the company’s flagship fueling site. 
Wayne employs over 500 people in Austin and about 1,400 globally. 
The company has been doing business for nearly 125 years.
  “The 7-Eleven location near Wayne’s campus is a great fit for our flagship fueling site,” Wayne CEO Neil Thomas said. "It makes us extremely proud that 7-Eleven has chosen to showcase our fuel pumps at the gas station near our corporate headquarters.
"We want our guests to have a fast and easy fueling experience. 
And that’s what the Ovation
2 dispenser helps to offer," 7-Eleven Director, Gasoline Environmental Compliance and Remediation Ron Fulencheck added.   “It’s been a pleasure working with Wayne on this project, and we look forward to working with them in the future.
To celebrate this occasion, Wayne will be sponsoring a discount of the 87 octane fuel for the first 100 guests at the 7-Eleven site on La Frontera, from 10 am
– noon on April 2, 2015.  The reduced cost will be $1.49 per gallon for cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks or motorcycles (maximum 30 gallons and no outside containers allowed). Additionally and compliments of 7-Eleven, customers will receive a free Big Gulp fountain soft drink, coffee, or Slurpee® beverage with the purchase of any hot food, cold sandwich, or bakery item throughout the day.
"There has been an increase of Wayne employees stopping into my station since we
’ve installed the Wayne equipment," 7-Eleven Franchisee Phuong Duong noted. "I’m looking forward to getting the word out about this day’s promotion to bring even more guests to the site."
News media representatives are invited to arrive at 9:45 am for a brief press conference officiated by Wayne’s Neil Thomas and VP, North America Bill Reichhold along with 7-Eleven’s VP, Gasoline Operations Bentley Tison and Ron Fulenchek.  PetrolWorld 300315

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