South Africa: OTI To Deploy EasyFuelPlus At Fuel Service Stations

OTI’s AVI fuel management system addresses fuel fraud and helps customers manage fuel consumption.

OTI PetroSmart has received an order to deploy OTI’s  EasyFuelPlus Automatic Vehicle Identification(AVI) solution across a network 300 on-road fuel service stations across Southern Africa. OTI PetroSmart is the wholly owned subsidiary of On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI), a global provider of near field communication (NFC), cashless payment and fuel management solutions. OTI PetroSmart’s network of sites already include these 300 fueling service stations that have served multiple other commercial fleet customers with OTI’s legacy AVI solution. 

Charlotte Hambly-Nuss, Managing Director of OTI PetroSmart said, “Our legacy AVI fuel management system has distinguished itself in the market by addressing fuel fraud and enabling fleet customers to effectively manage their fuel consumption. We are confident our latest AVI solution, EasyFuelPlus, will build upon the field proven success and continue providing our valued end users with a seamless and intuitive AVI experience.”

“We are very pleased to receive this significant purchase order from a major multinational oil company. The value and efficiency improvements our EasyFuelPlus product delivers to our customers enables us to structure a pricing model that includes recurring revenue per gallon of fuel to OTI. Through our OTI PetroSmart subsidiary, we are looking to increase revenue share from this market application of our fuel management solutions,” said Shlomi Cohen, OTI CEO. PWKD05042017 

Last modified onThursday, 06 April 2017 15:19
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