Invenco Partners With Japan’s Tatsuno

As per the deal, Invenco will provide Outdoor Payment Terminals to Tatsuno

An OEM partnership has been formed between Invenco Group Ltd, global self-service payment technology leader and Tatsuno Corporation, the Tokyo headquartered, Japanese fuel pump pioneers. In order to deliver self-service payments to Tatsuno pumps, Tatsuno will access Invenco’s Outdoor Payment Terminal, as per the OEM partnership. The New Zealand based company has further extended its reach across the Asia-Pacific region with the joint venture with Tatsuno being Invenco’s eleventh global partner deal.

Shin Hashimoto, Tatsuno’s Manager of International Marketing says, “We are very glad to be working with Invenco. Invenco has attractive products, experienced engineers and is growing very fast. Our customer base is mainly in Asia, where the market need for this technology is very strong. We believe Tatsuno and Invenco can successfully cooperate and respond to such needs, under a long term of partnership.”

“We view Tatsuno as a true pioneer in fuel station technology and are very excited about the projects we will be able to work on together. Manufacturing and selling fuel stations is Tatsuno’s main business and the self-service payment technology Invenco has developed is a natural extension of this. There are many opportunities for further innovations between the two companies and we look forward to a highly successful and mutually beneficial partnership,” said Nathan Barnett, Invenco Head of APAC Business Development.

Japan’s first fuel service station POS system, level gauges for underground tank inventory management systems and fuel depot related equipment was introduced by Tatsuno, crediting it for its innovation. Focused on South-East Asia, it has over 60% market share of fuel stations in Japan and exports to over 75 countries. Source: PR Web PWKD15052017  

Editors Note: Both companies will be participating at the forthcoming PetorlWorld Fuel Retail Conference in Kuala Lumpur next month.

Last modified onMonday, 15 May 2017 06:23
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