USA: Ryder To Be Hydrotex’s Preferred Fuel Service Provider

USA: Ryder To Be Hydrotex’s Preferred Fuel Service Provider

Ryder will be the provider of tank monitoring and management services for Hydrotex’s Clean Diesel Management program


Hydrotex, a manufacturer of high-performance lubricants, fuel improvers, and advanced filtration solutions has chosen Ryder, to be its preferred provider of comprehensive tank monitoring and management services for Hydrotex’s Precision Fuel Management and Clean Diesel Fuel Management programs within its customer network. This was stated by Ryder System, Inc., a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions, through its Ryder Fuel Services division.

A host of services will be provided by Ryder to Hydrotex which include: Tank inspection services; Enhanced filtration system installation services; Dosing system installation services; Tank cleaning services; and Inventory management system installation services.

Peter J. Cochefski, Director of Ryder Fuel Services, said “We’re very excited to become Hydrotex’s preferred provider. This is a great opportunity to team up with a respected and prominent name in the fuel improvement market. We’re really looking forward to working with them as they provide their customers with a better solution for improving diesel-fuel quality.”

“This technology-enabled approach to managing the challenges presented by ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) and various biodiesel blends provides the shortest route to dramatic fuel-quality improvement. This new partnership with Ryder, a respected fuel-management solutions provider with a nationwide footprint, will help us drive our message that improving the cleanliness level of your diesel fuel, no matter the formulation, is the best way to reduce annual operating costs and improve customer satisfaction,” said John Beasley, President and CEO of Hydrotex. PWKD08082017

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