USA: Bennett’s New 3000 Series Dispenser Launch

USA: Bennett’s New 3000 Series Dispenser Launch

The new 3000 Series X19 electronics has been included with updated, more efficient electronics and a wider cabinet chassis.


Many improvements have been made to the overall performance of the 3000 Series with the addition of the X19 electronics, delivering EMV payment capability, optional NFC, two-tier pricing, advertising and merchandising on high resolution 7” widescreen color displays with optional audio feature. Exponentially more processing power is provided while these electronics only draw 1.03-Amps of power during flow and only .71-Amps when idle, which is less power draw than a normal 100-watt lightbulb.

An additional 6” of interior width has been provided on low hose models (now 36” wide) and 8” exterior on high hose models (now 38” wide), expanding the new 3000 Series cabinet, thus providing more room for payment systems in the upper cabinet and plumbing installation and serviceability in the lower cabinet. PWKD11082017

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