USA: Moyle Petroleum & Gilbarco Standardization Partnership

USA: Moyle Petroleum & Gilbarco Standardization Partnership

Family-owned business that specializes in the convenience store industry, Moyle Petroleum, chose to standardize its c-store fuel service station infrastructure with Gilbarco’s EMV and Applause TV media solutions to increase store traffic and alleviate fraudulent transactions at the dispenser.

“We are excited to bring the Applause consumer engagement technology across all of our locations,” said Jonathan Kemp, I.T. Systems Manager at Moyle. “It will certainly boost our business inside the store. We also look forward to protecting our customers’ credit and debit cards from fraud with the additional security of EMV on the forecourt. Upgrading to EMV inside the store was a pretty painless process and aligns with our mission, while giving us a competitive edge.”

Gilbarco’s VP of Marketing for North America, “We launched EMV software for our Passport point-of-sale system more than a year ago. Consumers are starting to expect EMV payment acceptance, and leading retailers like Moyle are listening and rapidly enabling EMV inside the store. Given growing consumer expectations around EMV, we expect to see EMV 'turn on' at the fuel dispenser rapidly as well when the software is available later this year. Retailers are anxious to retain their security-conscious customers, who understand that fraud will be highest at those sites that haven’t yet upgraded.” PWKD27092017

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