USA: ChargePoint, Inc. Allows EV Charging By Tapping Phones

The new feature makes it the first company to allow EV drivers to start a charge by tapping their phone or Apple Watch

World’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, ChargePoint, Inc., has declared that, drivers can start charging any EV by tapping an iPhone, Android Phone or Apple Watch on any ChargePoint charger. Working at more than 40,000 ChargePoint charging spots across North America, the new ‘tap to charge’ feature makes ChargePoint the first company to empower EV drivers to start a charge by tapping their phone or Apple Watch. It also makes ChargePoint the first company to enable charging an EV with Apple Watch.

EV penetration will continue to grow and drivers will seek out the easiest and most convenient way to charge, as more and more communities incentivize drivers to go electric.

“ChargePoint is committed to getting every driver behind the wheel of an EV, and a major part of achieving that goal is making it as easy as possible for drivers to charge. Tap to charge delivers on that commitment and fosters EV adoption by providing the easiest way for drivers to charge wherever they live, work and play. The ownership experience is key to broader EV adoption, and trailblazing features like tap to charge make fueling your EV much more simple and convenient than the fuel vehicle it likely replaced,” said Colleen Jansen, chief marketing officer, ChargePoint, Inc. PWKD03102017

Last modified onTuesday, 03 October 2017 05:02
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