USA: Cox Oil Company Selects PDI As ERP Provider

Cox Oil Company (Cox Oil) has chosen PDI to the convenience retail and fuel wholesale industries as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider.

CEO of Cox Oil, Mark McBride said, “Our need for a single solution and centralized database that would help us increase efficiency and achieve one version of the truth across our entire operation was one of the main reasons we selected PDI. We also spoke with other PDI clients, and PDI’s reputation for providing great service to their customers was another contributing factor in our decision.”

McBride added that his business will also benefit from the new software’s reporting and business intelligence capabilities. Henceforth, they would be able to get relevant information to the marketing and operations teams much quicker, and that’s something they couldn’t do previously.

“We’re excited to have Cox Oil as a PDI customer because there so many tools we have at our disposal to help them transform their business. Whether it’s through labor management optimization that reduces labor costs or business intelligence that makes intelligent business decisions easy, we’re committed to helping them maximize our solution and grow their business for years to come,” said Drew Mize, senior vice president and general manager, global retail for PDI. PWKD12102017

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