USA: Multiforce Driver Alerts Launch

USA: Multiforce Driver Alerts Launch

Driver Alerts and Reservations has been launched by Multiforce Systems Corp. to their new FuelForce EV fleet fueling solution.

Electric vehicle fueling commonly occurs while the driver is away from their vehicle. At most parking areas, there are limited charger locations. To alert drivers when their EV is charged or when a charging station becomes available, a system was necessary.

EV charging station activity and utilization is efficiently communicated and coordinated by the Driver Alerts and Reservations system. If an EV driver can enter their mobile phone number at time of authorization to receive charging status messages, FuelForce-EV will alert the EV driver when the process starts, ends, or is interrupted prior to completion.

A better alternative exists that when all the charging stations in the lot are in use, the unique FuelForce-EV reservation feature can alert the driver when a specific charging station is available and the driver can return to initiate their own EV charging session.

"The EV driver may reserve more than one charging station at a time, taking advantage of parking lot topology to receive a text when the next charger nearby is free," remarked Chris Bates, VP of Development.

To maximize efficiency, minimize EVSE requirements, and elegantly inform and reassure EV drivers, fleet managers can tune the minimum charging and reservation durations

"This is one of many planned enhancements for FuelForce-EV. Multiforce has always been a pioneer in fuel management.  With the ever-growing base of electric vehicles, the time has come for a fuel management system to help fleet managers control electric vehicle charging costs from the same platform they use to manage any other fuel," said Warren Williams, Director of EV Fueling Development. PWKD01122017

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