FuelsPricing & Adept Insight Network Partnership Plans

Collaboration with Adept Insight will enable IIS to develop integrated Network Planning Software

Inform Information Systems (IIS), a global specialist in providing Fuels Pricing software solutions for both retail and B2B customers, trading as, has entered into a partnership with Adept Insight. Adept Insight, a strategic retail network planning and performance management consulting company, provides predictive modelling solutions incorporating market, location and consumer intelligence. The collaboration, which has been ongoing for some months, has facilitated the design and development of a next generation of network planning thinking and software. The first version of the software will be trialed with a number of customers around the globe during the 1H of 2018

Mark Scanlon, CEO of IIS, says, “Adept Insight have many years of successful experience in Fuels Network Planning alongside other retail sectors. Our joint goal is to combine our shared experience to deliver a new solution to the market that meets the changing and complex demands of the fuel convenience market. The software will model and predict the differing competitive impacts of Shop, Fresh and Fuel markets, to assist the investment decisions of customers with respect to the location of new facilities, alongside improvement opportunities for existing facilities. Bringing together outputs from the network planning process and measurements of actual performance from the pricing systems in an integrated way is something that I am looking forward to working on with our customers to deliver value. ”

Chris Duley, CEO of Adept Insight says, “We are very excited to be working in partnership with IIS, harnessing their class leading technology and sector knowledge to provide predictive modelling and analytics to the retail forecourt sector. Our holistic approach will address site investment decisions across all aspects of the fuel convenience market, helping our customers to optimize the mix of offer at a given location through a detailed assessment of local market opportunity. Bringing together network planning and retail fuels pricing provides a fantastic opportunity for our customers to maximize the synergy generated by an integrated retail offer at a site, enabling them to broaden consumer missions, increase visit frequency and grow spend.” PWKD02022018

Last modified onSunday, 04 February 2018 07:20
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