Australia: EMS & Amazon Web Services ‘Independent Software Vendor’ Partnership

Australia:  EMS & Amazon Web Services ‘Independent Software Vendor’ Partnership

The partnership is anticipated to accelerate EMS’ accelerated growth in the retail fuel industry

Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd (EMS) has entered into a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Independent Software Vendor.

The leading fuel management innovation by EMS, Fuelsuite, is a cloud-based fuel management solution that allows users to access remote fuel site data in real-time. By improving fuel management, maintenance, and mitigating fuel loss and environmental risk, Fuelsuite has disrupted the retail fuel industry. EMS has connected 1,070 fuel service stations, since its release in September 2017, with Fuelsuite’s enabling IoT device Fuelscan across the globe.

As they continue to improve enterprise fuel management within the retail fuel industry, the AWS partnership will support EMS’s accelerated growth and will have supported entry into China, India, ASEAN and other international markets, by leveraging AWS’s global footprint. PWKD12022018

Last modified onTuesday, 13 February 2018 19:55
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