USA: OPW Gets Ready For ‘What’s Next’ At 2018 WPMA EXPO

USA: OPW Gets Ready For ‘What’s Next’ At 2018 WPMA EXPO

A Dover company and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, OPW is all set to present “what’s next” in fueling innovation at the 2018 WPMA EXPO in Las Vegas.

OPW’s latest fueling innovations will include:

An all-composite, completely integrated multi-port fill sump system for unparalleled water intrusion protection;

The collaborative labs of FlexWorks and Fibrelite engineered this latest tank sumpOPW ElectroTite innovation;

Engineered with next generation composite technology to produce the lightest cover in the industry.

“We continue to define what’s next in fueling solutions by listening to our customers and then engineering and manufacturing solutions that meet the safety, environmental protection and performance requirements of today’s fueling operator,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Global Product Management. “For instance, by combining groundbreaking Fibrelite technologies with OPW’s industry-best containment solutions, we’ve created an unprecedented fuel transfer and containment family of products unlike anything that has ever existed before.” PWKD16022018

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