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Angola: Petrotec Group Completes 3 Bolted Vertical Above Ground Tanks In Huambo

Angola: Petrotec Group Completes 3 Bolted Vertical Above Ground Tanks In Huambo

The Petrotec Group has just completed another fuel storage and distribution project.

Petrotec Group has installed three bolted vertical aboveground tanks, in Huambo, Angola. The project was developed in partnership with ENDE - Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Eletricidade (National Electricity Distribution Company) –, as part of the electricity distribution and marketing services nationwide, and the operation of the distribution grid infrastructures.

The bolted vertical (metal) tanks are made up of shaped sheet steel, connected by joints and bolts, comprising various shell rings that are leak-proof and able to store a variety of liquids and solids. Its components are pre-fabricated and then assembled at a site determined by the customer. Petrotec was also responsible for preparing the site's foundations to ensure proper stability, load capacity, levelling and retention.

This is one of the various solutions developed by the Petrotec Group's engineering, procurement and construction team. EPC projects, commonly known as turnkey projects, provide a detailed view of the project and the optimised planning of the necessary resources for performing the construction work.

The Petrotec Group's EPC team ensures the development of projects in accordance with the customer's needs, by devising the solution, while providing detailed management of supplies and implementing projects by applying the various requirements in terms of quality, safety and the environment, as well as ensuring its planning and investment. PWKD27022018

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